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TypeClub 530

Chatting about type, time and letters, everything in between and anything else.
Creating ugly shapes and smooth letters, half finished Glyphs files and shuffled alphabets.

TypeClub 530 (AKA: FVTY, 5 Thirty, Five 30, 5 3 0) is a type collective,
created by students and run by students but not only for students. Organising workshops each week that focus on generating
new ideas in form and concept within type design. A collective that can be run by anyone allowing
easy experimentation with new ideas and processes. Not tied down to
one way of working a workshop one week could pay no respect to conventions
whilst the following workshop does.

Table Plant Podcast

GDA Movie Hub

We are Isle of Films or in short “The Movie Hub”! The goal of our club is to share, watch and review movies which the department notes as inspiration but most importantly to celebrate the films created by the students of the GDA. We are interested in the movies you made in the past years, this year or in the coming ones. To archive, showcase and give life to your creations!

Together with Donna Verheijden we want to announce that we are starting a film-platform to showcase GDA’s moving-image body of work. We have bigger dreams than an online gallery and hope to reach exhibition places in Arnhem and elsewhere to get our films from smaller screens to bigger ones.

check our website: [1]

Tuesday Talks


Tuesday Talks (TT) is a series of interviews or lectures given by design professionals twice a month on Tuesdays. The structure of the talks will varry according to the theme and the guest, however every talk concludes with a Q/A session.

The speaker will present their work, a specific topic, their working methods, their studio or inspirations.

By having speakers from the art and design field, we can expand our network, expand our notion of design, explore career paths, learn creation/print techniques and other tricks from the trade.

Reading Group

Illustration Club

After GDA???

We want to fill up the big black hole of what happens after GDA. We hope answer all questions. From having interviews with alumni, see what they have been up to. Too giving information about where you can do internships, masters, how to start your own studio, how to get funding ect. If you want to learn more, go to our page here on the wiki, and follow our group on linked in. :)

Binders, Keepers

Binders, Keepers is a club geared towards helping GD students and anyone else with an interest to better their bookbinding skills. Check out our Instagram: [2] and our YouTube: [3]

Our instagram keeps you updated for the coming workshops! If you need help, or have a request, DM us!

GDA Socials

As the Social Media Club we take care of the gdarnhem account on instagram. We’re experimenting with different types of events to increase our social media presence. We strive to make our account more accessible for future students, alumni and professionals while also telling the story of our students and sharing their experience in ArtEZ.

Critical Gardening

Hi, we are the Critical Garden Team! Our project is about growing plants, an activity that is relaxing and meditating after a long day of looking at your screen. Our goal is to grow a garden inside your own home, that is totally self-sufficient. We grow everything that you need to eat a healthy well balanced diet. We also take in account that students often don’t have a lot of space at home, so we created three different gardens that use every bit of space you have left in your house. After our own experiment we want to share our experience by creating a manual, with instructions, seeds and recipes. So that everyone is able to grow their own garden at home!