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The New Craft


As a (graphic) design practice increasingly flows into a hybrid practice we must ask ourselves as students and teachers: what are the skills a designer needs?

It can be argued that many of these skills no longer exclusively lie in the domain of traditional graphic design but extend much further into the world. Thus having literacy of digital systems, understanding world events, having knowledge of different domains of theory, knowing how to communicate, how to produce finely crafted printed matter, how to work spatially or socially all become part of a design practice. This could lead to a certain kind of panic, where one tries to catch up with whatever new skill is required for 'tomorrow'.

Another approach is not to chase skills for their supposed use value but rather to pursue skills for their own sake. To acknowledge the beauty of developing a skill and honing it. Becoming skillful can be considered a value in itself, regardless of the domain of the skill. There is a tremendous sense of identity (and security!) in knowing that one can do something well. The consequence of that is that once one becomes skilled in a certain technique, method, topic or craft it necessarily flows back into one's own practice. Even if those skills are more closely related to hobby than the profession.

The WinterSessions 2018 will be a month where we put the focus on skills, both practically in terms of honing them but also conceptually in trying to answer what craft means for a (graphic) designer.

Individual & group work

During the WinterSessions, you will follow two trajectories at the same time;

• an individual trajectory, focused on honing your skills/crafts individually based upon your own interests

• a collective trajectory, focused on collective reflection, transmitting skills and intervention.

The month will be filled with workshops of three different kinds:

  • speed-skilling (learning a new skill in a short amount of time
  • deep-skilling (taking a good amount of time to study something in depth)
  • re-skilling (revisiting the basics)

Trajectory 1 – Individual work

You sign-up for several skillful workshops (at least 3 per week) over the course of 3 weeks.

You use these to hone your skills based on your personal interests.

A workshop can become a starting point for a project, or a longer period of studying a material.

Multiple workshops can be done to broaden your horizon.

Finally you present the skills you've developed over the weeks.

Trajectory 2 – Group Work

In small groups you will re-consider the skills or crafts that are necessary for a designer.

You will do this through four assignments, one for each week, discussing them with your appointed teacher.

Please note that these are short assignments, which need to be finished within a week.

   Week 1
   1a. 'Exchange your skills with your fellow group members'
   Get to know each other, and find out which skills you have in the group.
   1b.  'Take one of the texts of the reader, read it collectively'
   What does this notion mean in the context of craftsmanship? Collect visual & theoretical content.
   Week 2
   2. 'Take one of the texts of the reader as a basis for a collective work' 
   This work can take any form, think of collaborative project, organising a small event, learning something together, planning a visit somewhere etc
   Week 3
   3. 'Create a tutorial / instruction for a fundamental graphic design skill that doesn't yet exist'
   Week 4
   4. 'Host the workshop you think was missing' 


Group 1: Danny van der Kleij
1. Jinsun Bae
1. Ines Ayed
2. Femke Jurrissen
2. Bin Han
3. Katharine Wimett
Group 2: Amir Houieh
1. Celine Caly
1. Joost Visser
1. Demi van Venrooij
2. Kim van Dorst
3. Marlou Bleijenberg
Group 3: Peter Zuiderwijk
1. Sumin Choi
1. Seline Büttner
2. Esmée Dros
3. Sharon Hoogers
Group 4: Roel Roscam Abbing
1. Karlijn Drexhage
1. Marijn Hulsewé
2. Shiyun Deng
3. Remo Deijns
Group 5: Willem van Weelden
1. Florien van den Driesschen
1. Minji Kim
1. Ji Yoon Lee
2. Romy Heijne
3. Jesse van Meel
Group 6: Anka Kresse
1. Brigit van Eijk
1. Milou Kuper
1. Jane Lee
2. Naomi Hubert
3. Jody Peters
Group 7: Donna Verheijden
1. Merle Findhammer
1. Tessa Fröling
2. Silvian Blom
3. Merel IJpelaar
3. Zsa Zsa Tuffy
Group 8: Rosemin Hendriks
1. Andy Galano Toro
1. Amber Verheijen
2. Jonathan Vullings
3. Jodie Wijermars
Group 9: Coralie Vogelaar
1. Teddie Geerlings
1. Douwe van der Werf
2. Kiana Bijleveld
2. Franziska Froebe
3. Anne de Bekker
Group 10: Remco van Bladel
1. Timon Hooftman
1. Wessel Pingen
1. Polina Tsitova
2. Ryanne-Joy Roskam
2. Joost Vullings
3. Carmen Steenbrink
Group 11: Huub de Lang
1. Kimiya Jokar
1. Nai-Syuan Ye
1. Josine Visser=
2. Gajana Aslanjan
3. Marleen Vos
Group 12: Team Thursday
1. Erwin Joziasse
1. Lisa Bund
2. Demi Mol
3. Pamina Reisinger
Group 13: Annie Goodner
1. Angie KANG
1. Boetie Zijlstra
2. Ben McMillan
3. Einar Andersen
Group 14: Sandra Kassenaar
1. Yuho Kim
1. Tofe Al-Obaidi
2. Nicole Jansen
3. Nienke Temmink
3. Marleen van Zalm
Group 15: Annelou van Griensven
1. Summer Lee
1. Maryse Poels
1. Kim Lassen
2. Norah Maat
3. Emma Singleton
Group 16: Thomas Castro
1. Jonathan van Loon
1. Janine Zielman
1. Bona Lee
2. Zhizhong Keene
3. Niels Otterman
Group 17: Hendrik-Jan Grievink
1. Kimai Molenaar
1. Cherrell Pieters
2. Gyulim Shim
3. Hannah Ploeg
Group 18: Simone Niquille
1. Yerim Son
1. Nora Taher
2. Merel Steneker
3. Michelle de Leeuw

Slides from Willems introduction lecture

File:Intro wintersessions artez.pdf


Critical Making, 2012, Conversation between Hertz and Ratto on 'Critical Making' File:CriticalMaking2012.pdf, original source

‎Hack Back! a diy guide File:Hackback a diy guide.pdf, original source

Excerpts from Racidal Technology (1976) File:Radical technology excerpt.pdf

Chapter one from The Craftsman, by Richard Sennet File:The troubled craftsman.pdf

M Gandhi paraphrasing John Ruskin's Unto This Last File:Unto this last a paraphrase m gandhi compressed.pdf

Platos elaborados con carnes File:Con-Nuestros-Propios-Esfuerzos.pdf


A guide to good soldering File:01-Soldering.pdf

Electronic components File:02-Electronic Components.pdf