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As the Off-Grid Prevention our goal is to give a clearer vision of what the future looks like for us and how to prepare for it. As you know, the ArtEZ GDA department is one big family. This community feeling is something that makes this department special, but what happens after GDA?

To make all the research we gathered physical for others to read we started working on a publication. Every month we gather practical information, masters, inspiration, studios and an interview with one of our ArtEZ alumni. This is gathered in a small zine; called ToGather.


Monthly Publications

April cover.png

April Edition

May cover.png

May Edition


School Location Language Duration Short Description Edition
The Royal College of Art London, United Kingdom English 2 Years offers a wide range of Master across the art and design disiplines April 2021
Sandberg Institute Amsterdam, The Netherlands English 2 Years offers Master Programmes in Fine Arts, Interior Architecture and Design April 2021


Studio Based in Specialised in Edition
Studio Spass Rotterdam, The Netherlands identities, campaigns and installations April 2021
Kidnap your designer Brussels, Belgium typography, printing techniques for clients form the music, art, design or architecture fields May 2021

Practical Stuff

Name What Short Description Edition
BNO - Beroepsorganisatie Nederlandse Ontwerpers Website & Association The BNO is an association, founded by designers, for designers. They offer advice, training and coaching for designers, to promote the design profession in The Netherlands and abroad, organize events, publish designer magazine DD, and much more. April 2021
Work it, Make it Book by ArtEZ Press is a book made in collaboration with alumni that follows the path of the first year after ArtEZ. May 2021


Name Place of work Specialised in Graduated from GDA Edition
Annouck Welhuis Shoot the Rabbit Production Collective & Visual Storytelling 2008 April 2021
Karen van de Kraats WeTransfer 'using creativity to make things better' 2003 May 2021

Inspiration Websites

Platform Medium Description Edition
Short of The Week Short Films and Animations A platform for a new generation of filmmakers to share their stories on a larger stage April 2021
WePresent Collection of art, music, photography, Graphic Design On this platform WeTransfer wants to present stories to help you get started in a creative process. May 2021

Extended community

We have more then 1015+ Alumni from GDA.
This is a (maybe not complete) list of all the students that studied at Graphic Design Arnhem (formally known as HKA)