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Icy days with Icy fonts

heartless 우리 성공을 위해..

ice jj fish - love for you bradystreet - ice

[intro] I and you be trapped in font. We call it 'trap-font'!

In Music, Trap sounds easy/loopy/trashy/artificial but it’s still unique/powerful/trendy/new. it seems quite light in a way that some people think it’s not qualified, by ready-made digital tools, even though with a fact that many people loves it as a trend. Because difference comes earlier than the public mind. I am wondering how I can seek the same point of seeking a freshy-vibe while going against tradition in font(typeface)-field.

[cheesy hook] I wanna be rollin on trap font; trap font maybe metafont/latex-based or monospace, displayed not printed, not heavy but icy, new not old, empty but energetic, etc but vat, not serioue for fun! Again, trap-font doesn’t seek for difference. trap-font seeks for moment. feeling a moment is our difference. trap-font doesn’t seek for past. trap font seeks for future. time tik-toks towards tomorrow. future is our present.

[outro] 다름은 나말고 누가 만들어줄 수 없다. 결국 남이 인지하는 나의 다름은 나를 통해서 전해지기 때문에 내가 다르지 않으면 애초에 다름은 이미지로서만 기능한다. 다름은 설명이 필요없다. 다름, 새로움과 같은 감정은 설명할수록 설득력이 떨어진다. 왜냐하면 진짜 다름은 그 순간에 있기 때문이고 순간은 점이라서 보이지 않는다. 점은 선이 아니다. 우리는 그 점을 찾는다.

No one can make the difference except meself. In the end, my difference that people perceive is communicated through me, so if I am not different, the difference will function only as an image/representation based on traditional context, you know. The difference does not need explanation. The more emotions like difference and newness are explained, the less persuasive. Because the real difference is in that moment, and the moment is invisible because it is a point.

[intro intro]

One Can't Read Z after A

Naturalised face with a layer of purity, no space for questioning artificial beauty here, it is well done naturally so do not ask the past but just watch out those pinky chin and tranparent twinkles
Icon of OCR R 우리 사랑을 위해..

we seeks lots of possibilities in font-making in trying different tools which we can make font easily. Not FontLab, Robofont, maybe Glyphs, or we seek for more easy tools. Font is friend like music!



1. Metafont sub sub sub

2. letterink in Glyphs sub sub

3. Fontforge features


  • USB flash drive as a type-specimen which has digital file of font and visual/sonic essays in it. having shown it, the surface of usb can tell sth about this OCR series in advance.

sub sub sub

usb cover

"The dizzy brown wasp flies over the lame duck" ??

"The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog"