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Digital Media Projects

GGG (Gif, Giffer, Giffest)

Fighter pilots have been recorded spotting 255 frames per second.

Analog/Digital Signals

Week 1:


Research into the history of the broken image icon in various webbrowsers. From left to right: First 3 editions of the Netscape browser (1994), Firefox old and new, Internet Explorer, Safari, Google Chrome.

Week 2:


The geology and realworld inspiration of the Chrome broken image icon. The Santa Cruz mountains, close to Silicon Valley.

Week 3:


Experiments with analog to digital to analog video conversion. Multiple variants of for example: Fast Forward digitally; convert to analog; slow down analog to original speed.

Week 4:


Wrote a script that fast forwards a video/film in 25 unique ways and puts that all in 5x5 grid:

1: Frame 1,26,51,76 etc.

2: Frame 2,27,52,77 etc.


Watching a whole movie (every frame) in 25 times the speed.

In this way you see slight lapse in time since the 25th movie in the grid is a seconds ahead of the 1st.

Week 5:

Experimented with non-linear ways of fastforwarding, through using different kinds of randomness in the editing together of the exported movie-frames. - first video.

Week 6:

Working on a movie that consist of 720x576 sub-movies of 25fps. To exactly match the screen build-up of an analog tv. Which consists of 720x576 color units. The whole screen can update it's color 25 times per second. The script works, i just need an input movie of at least 9 hours, but better if it's even longer. So working on that. - 2nd and 3rd video.