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is me!

met hartelijke vriendelijke beste verenigde groeten kus knuffel

b>>>>> o t c o r e

First month

List of research material I looked into:

1. "A Shadow History of the Internet", Finn Brunton (pdf)
2. "Human-Like by Means of Human Control?" (pdf)
3. "A Bestiary of Spam Characters" (pdf)
4. "How Powerful Are Social Bots?" (pdf)
5. Matthew Fuller: Interview with a Photocopier [1]

Tools used:

🔧 Bio Generator to find bots [2]
🔧Gain followers[3]
🔧Real/fake? [4]
🔧Find image through google
🔧Buy followers :----) [5]

My quest of buying followers


Bothunting 2.0

Found her:-)
BH20.png 20905629 114728259253922 5834104320131334144 a.jpg Found1.png Found2.png Found3.png


Sk1 poster.png

Summary month 1

The first month started of with doing a lot of research. Particularly into buying your own bots at first, moving into finding them onto instagram. Finally it resulted into a poster that tried to shine a light on these several phases of my bothunts.

Second Month & Third month

What 2 do next

Decided to jump more into my role of bothunter, so collecting more materials that were specific to these bots I found. The reason why I wanted to find more bots was that I was convinced that gaining more information on them: username, biographies, photos, would give me something to build a project around more. This part was trial & error, trying to find a way to convert all this (different types too) information into something more visual, either fiction or realistic/informative/explanatory on these instagram inhabitants. Here I'll just drop a bunch of the sketches/texts/stuff that was made though might not have make it anywhere.

Start of a txt?

This sums it up pretty nicely: lots of notes and ideas on what 2 do though not really going for a specific direction yet whilst also still collecting a lot. Naoi idea develop.jpg
Conversation1 naoi.png Conversation2 naoi.png

On the collection side of things:

🔧 People acting like bots through bot comments__ [6]
🔧 Botlike instagrams collection of usernames/second names/biographies [7]
B B U N naoi.png
🔧 "Quick list of these weird types of usernames Naoi names1.png [8]

Portraits of a bot

  • Filenames img are instagram usernames


  • Interesting that many usernames/accounts I found are already gone when I look them up again. > Way to freeze them in time?
  • Some of these photos are cut in half to cover the original photo



Example: 3in1-2.jpg
This file exists out of these four people: 20905629 114728259253922 5834104320131334144 a.jpg BH18.png BH27.png Naomi 1.jpg

This file exists out of these five people:
Carloshenriquebarbosa61.jpg Dog0966689200.jpg Hm k 112a.jpg Rxjlzhxbhy462.jpg Fjdduomopag.jpg

3D files

Screenshot 2019-06-10 at 09.45.46.png Screenshot 2019-06-10 at 09.45.06.png Screenshot 2019-06-10 at 09.45.27.png Screenshot 2019-06-10 at 09.45.31.png Screenshot 2019-06-10 at 09.44.53.png

Babymaker (don't ask ???)

201904150307015cb43ba52a164.jpg 201904150313345cb43d2e201cc.jpg BabyMaker 1sC9V4hJfP6Vop.jpg BabyMaker 1sf3mJQ9SUk26P.jpg BabyMaker 1slCrKTLw2O1mL.jpg BabyMaker 1sXdsG3pBzixbt.jpg

Towards the end of month 3

Towards the end of month 3 I was thinking of doing two things, inspired on chinglish shirts, make shirts with these biographies on them, and something like a Bot Bible, where all their usernames were layed out. Therefore I needed to collect way more of these generated usernames, so I researched into harvesting these usernames from instagram. They just changed their privacy policies that you could search for specific usernames, though you could still harvest the followers count of a specific account. As I already saw that lots of bots follow bots (one of my strategies to find more) I decided to create an automator for harvesting these followers. It would grab the followers of a bot, create a new list of names from these findings, grab those followers again and so on. This is an endless cycle of course so I did a couple of rounds and put it in a google doc file, as I also manually had to move through these accounts to take the "real" instagram accounts out of these lists.
Link to Google Docs >>> [9]


After critiques I decided to move on with the shirts-

resulting in these: Shirt bots1.jpg Shirt bots2.jpg

Month 4

Searching for positioning/final outcome

After reading "In defense of the poor image" by Hito Steyerl, I got inspired to remix clothing items that were already manufactured, (just like the bots are remixes of something that already exists), to silkscreen excerpts from my bothunting// research.

IMG 4128.jpg IMG 4125.jpg (beautiful drawing :-) )

Remixes of clothing - BOTCORE

Sketches 1st

Sketch rem01.jpg Sketch rem02.png Rem04.png Rem03.png Sketch pants.png

Remix 1

IMG 4104.jpg IMG 4106.jpg IMG 4112.jpg

Looking back @ outcome

After my first shirt was done, I figured that I didn't really like the type. The first shirts I did, the bold type, worked better on these shirts. As cool as knif mono is as a type, doesn't work on my remixed clothes. Therefore I made a new screen with mixed bot info, so that now I could also experiment with using multiple bots excerpts on one shirt.

Bluunext.jpg Dragon.jpg Favorit.jpg

Remix 2

Long sleeve.jpg ---> New screen refine p1.jpg

IMG 4117.jpg IMG 4114.jpg IMG 4115.jpg IMG 4118.jpg IMG 4116.jpg IMG 4119.jpg

Remix 3 + 4 // in process

No photo of remix 3 available right now as it's at school. (it's the shirt from the photos ^^) So three shirts in the shape of one . The sketch with the pants is happening: IMG 4120.jpg IMG 4121.jpg IMG 4122.jpg