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I am interested in aesthetics created in the process of copying. It represents the hybridity between a product's original function(identity) and its expected function(identity).

Appropriations happened within this margin.


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While those objects are being made, they are constituting a global counterfeit vernacular to the contemporary scene. Cultures are invented relying on the idea of counterfeit. I am trying to understand what happened behind the aesthetics of counterfeit productions.
I want to enter the subject by practicing a similar way to the copying for making a sculpture.

words similiar to counterfeit in this research:
copy, piracy, spoofs, shanzhai, morph, knock-off

&& Keywords:
popularization / low-end prdocution / reverse-engineering / DIY / hybridity

counterfeit culture



  • The history of shanzhai is part of the migration history in between Hong Kong and mainland China.

In the 60s shanzhai factory(山寨廠) Factory.jpg was started in Hong Kong as a no-brand family workshop to produce products for others (or overseas brands). The factories were actually sheds seated near the mountains, that's where the meaning shanzhai coming from.
Productions are simple such as synthetic flower Sytheticflower.jpg, knitwears, screen printing.
The industry is considered a backbone for 60s hong kong economic development.

Later in the 80s, with the influence of Economic Reform and open up, a policy from the mainland authority, shanzhai factory was migrated to shenzhen, the other side of the mountain.
Shanzhai factory ss then started to transform into the World factory for OEM(Original equipment manufacturer).

shanzhai phones

other cultures

Brazil - sonideros

India - the superman

Cuba - El Paquete


reproduce v.s. copy


  • As a verb copy is to produce an object identical to a given object.


  • produce a copy of.
    • be copied with a specified degree of success.
    • produce something very similar to (something else) in a different medium or context.


 is to analyse a product reversely, in order to deductive reasoning the design elements such as how is manipulated, how is it structured, what is its function. In this way to produce a new product that has the similar function.

Since the low budget costs, the shanzhai products are characterized as imitative, rapid and popularize.


as a way of copying

resin mould for a silicone ball

silicone vacuum casting a boat

chicken wire casting the shapes of chairs

chicken wire casting the shapes of chairs